"Just Different"


Iren Rainey Basketball sets the highest standards of excellence and quality when it comes to training, development, and enhancing individual skills. With our exclusive program, we provide a holistic and comprehensive complete player development platform which merges the mind and body in efforts to bring out the best in our clients so that ultimately they'll perform at their highest potential.


Using specialized methods from the well known "Iren Rainey System", all of our clients including our NBA and WNBA professionals, NCAA participants as well as our youth are equipped with the tools to excel on the court while raising self confidence, mental toughness, and overall basketball IQ. This sport is more than simply a game. It's learning how to embrace each moment, maximize performance capabilities, and understanding how to have fun competing as the best version of yourself. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of basketball instruction in the world.

Our Process Transforms Players!


          Iren is sought out by NBA players,                 Pro Scouts, and numerous coaches

ranging from Middle Schools through College for skill development, shooting mastery

and mentoring. 

3000 C.R. Smith Street

Orlando, FL 32805


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